In the Halls of the Academy – Escape Game Paris


Professor Lock, director of the Lock Academy

Elegant, eccentric and addicted to risk taking, Professor Lock is a world-renowned genius detective.

For him, every investigation is a game, a puzzle to solve. Face him with a crime scene and he will find the solution to the mystery in record time.

But like any great hero, Lock has an enemy to match: Jim Key, responsible for the abduction of his wife years ago. The only puzzle to which Lock never found the key.

Since that day, Professor Lock has been teaching at the Academy in Paris. Combining play and critical thinking, the Academy helps Lock shape the elite detectives of tomorrow. And who knows, perhaps one day they may help him find his wife…

The Professor needs you. The fight against crime is just beginning!

You think you have the makings of a detective? Join the Lock Academy – Escape Game Paris and participate in a investigation where you are the hero!

Pass through the doors of Lock Academy and discover a Live Escape Game in the heart of Paris. This Live Escape Room in which you will be the hero is close to the Louvre and Châtelet – Les Halles.

In teams of 3 to 6 people, head into one of our unique escape rooms, where the school’s creator, Professor Lock, will challenge you to solve a mysterious investigation. New students of the most prestigious school of detectives in the world, you will have to solve a murder case, find Cher or a stolen Guide! Search and communication will be very important in order to fulfill your mission. You have one hour to solve mysteries and escape quickly from one of our Escape Rooms.

Friends, colleagues or family … The academy is open to all! Build your team and challenge yourselves! Fans of Live Mysteries or Murder Parties, the Escape Games of the Lock Academy are made for you.

Who will be the best detective?

A Near-Perfect Crime Little Miss Lock The Heist of the Century

The Mysteries of the Academy

A Near-Perfect Crime

(3 to 5 players)

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A Near-Perfect Crime

The Lock Academy is stunned. Last night Sir Doyle, dean of the school and mentor to Professor Lock, was murdered!

You have an hour to find the motive, murder weapon, and the culprit! But be careful: at the Academy, appearances can be deceiving.

For fans of: searching, logic, cluedo
Level: Beginner

Little Miss Lock

(3 to 5 players)

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Little Miss Lock

EGAThrophy 2016 & 2017 for Best Game Design (Escape Game Paris).

Professor Lock hasn’t heard from the most talented new Academy recruit: his only daughter, Cher.

As reckless as her father, she was recently investigating a mysterious plot!

By retracing her footsteps, you discover that Cher is not the only one in danger…

For fans of:
technology, manipulation, adrenaline
Level: Intermediate

The Heist of the Century

(4 to 6 players)

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The Heist of the Century

Panic in the corridors of Lock Academy! The Detectives Guide, THE book which holds all the secrets of the greatest investigators in history, has been stolen!

If this encyclopaedia falls into the wrong hands, anyone could pull off the perfect crime! Only you can find it before it’s too late!

The situation is perilous: you have only 60 minutes, to find the guide, save the school’s reputation, and keep the secret of Lock Academy safe! Will you be up to the challenge?

For fans of:
No padlocks, Co-operation, Impossible Missions
Level: Experienced

This mystery is only available in French and is unfortunately not suitable for the deaf or hard of hearing.