A Near-Perfect Crime
Escape Room Paris

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The Lock Academy is stunned!

Last night, Sir Doyle, dean of the school and mentor to Professor Lock, was murdered in his own office.

Who killed this beloved living legend? In shock, Lock decides to rush the finest team of young detectives to the scene: you!

You have one hour to investigate the mystery, like a giant Cluedo and

find the motive, the murder weapon, and the culprit! But be careful: at the Academy, appearances can be deceiving.

Will you outsmart the killer?

Clue-hunting 3/4
Action 2/4
Logic 3/4
2 / 5 players
2 / 5 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women
People with hearing problems
Wheelchair users

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Doyen doyle détective
Un crime presque parfait Escape room paris - Meilleur escape game Paris
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A Near-Perfect Crime

Mystery at the Châtelet Academy – from 2 to 5 players