The Heist of the Century - Panic at the Museum
Escape Room Paris

Clue-hunting 1/4
Action 3/4
Logic 4/4

The Louvre’s district needed its Escape Room at the Museum! It’s now the case with The Heist of the Century – Panic at the Museum. To the Lock Academy Paris, for a mission that Arsène Lupin himself wouldn’t deny!

You’ve always wanted to become an outstanding thief, capable of opening the most secured safes and steal precious artwork? You will love the challenge offered by The Heist of the Century!

In this 2 to 6 players Escape Room, your mission, if you accept it, will be to retrieve as quickly as possible the Great Detective’s Guide that has been stolen only minutes ago!

Written by the best detectives of all times, this encyclopedia is full of tricks that would allow the criminal having it in its possession, to commit the perfect crime.

Are you up for the challenge? Search the Museum of the Lock Academy and retrieve the Guide before it finds itself in the wrong hands!

To fulfil your mission, you will need to think and act like a great thief. Walk in the thief’s shoes, locate him, and prove that you are smarter than him, in this mystery with gorgeous decorations and impressive mechanisms!


Mystery game only available in French, and unfortunately unfit for the hearing impaired.

2 to 6 players

The Heist of the Century

Mystery at the Châtelet Academy – from 2 to 6 players