The Examination
Escape Room Paris

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2019 Trophy Winner for best game (Escape Game Paris).

Think you’re top detectives? Prove it!

The prestigious Lock Academy is launching an examination to select only the very best detectives! This test will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

The exam will be conducted by E.V.A. (Examination Virtual Assistant), the all-new Artificial Intelligence System recently installed at our prestigious school. One experience like no other where your team spirit will be put to the test…


This mystery is only available in French

Clue-hunting 2/4
Action 4/4
Logic 4/4
4 / 6 players
4 / 6 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women

- Your Paris Escape Room in Pictures -

Eva l'intelligence artificielle de la Lock academy paris escape game
Entrée de l' Enquête Examen de la Lock Academy - Escape Game Paris - Escape Room Paris
Enquête Examen - Lock Academy Sébastopol - Escape Game Paris - Escape Room Paris

The Examination

Mystery at the Sébastopol Academy – from 4 to 6 players