The Examination - The Detective’s Competition
Escape Room Paris

Clue-hunting 2/4
Action 4/4
Logic 4/4

The Examination – The Detective’s Competition: 2019 Trophy Winner for Best Game (Escape Game Paris) at the Escape Game Awards

Do you think you have the makings of a great detective? Your friends, colleagues or family have developed unsuspected investigators’ talents? Prove it!

As shown by its TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, the prestigious Lock Academy Paris, gained a solid reputation by training the Kingsman, 007 and FBI agents of tomorrow.

You’re dreaming of becoming part of this elite? No investigation or escape room scares you anymore? Perfect! The prestigious Lock Academy launched a unique Examination to select the most skilled detectives. The Exam you will take is unique in its kind.

The Examination will be conducted by E.V.A. (Examination Virtual Assistant), our very new Artificial Intelligence System, just recently installed in our great school.

Be prepared to live an experience beyond the realms of science fiction, where your team spirit will be challenged.

The Examination is not recommended for children under 12 years of age due to special effects that may impress the most sensitive.

2 to 6 players

The Examination

Mystery at the Sébastopol Academy – from 2 to 6 players