Celebrate your Birthday, STAG, HEN, Bachelo(ette) Party at Lock Academy - Escape Room Paris

Want to make your visit to Lock Academy even more memorable? Take advantage of our premium offers designed for your Escape Game outing in Paris!

For an unforgettable room escape or treasure hunt in Paris, our VIP Detectives offer is the perfect choice if you’re celebrating a birthday, stag or hen party.


(from €45 inc.VAT in addition to your gaming session*)

  1. A personal welcome (feel free to provide us in advance with the name of the person celebrating, for a personal touch!)
  2. A welcome drink for every participant (coffee, tea, soft drinks, orange juice // Except for Operation Mindfall)
  3. Unlimited sweets and candies! (Except for Operation Mindfall)
  4. At least one cookie per participant (from La Fabrique - Cookies)
  5. Your team photo, printed in HD quality for all and sent by email
  6. A Lock Academy membership card for every participant
  7. A perfect investigator kit for the hero of the day (including a magnifying glass, a tote-bag, a Lock Academy's notepad and a Gamebook Escape Game)!

The Detective VIP offer is also available without the perfect investigator kit (from €30 inc.VAT in addition to the game session*).

Interested in our VIP Detectives offer? Add this premium offer when booking your room Escape Game, during step 2 of your order process.

*The price depends on the number of rooms booked. The more of you there are, the more cookies we need! Allow €10 extra for each additional room booked.

Example: If you opt for the Detectives VIP package with the Perfect Investigator Kit for one escape room, you will be charged €45 in addition to the price of your Escape Room Paris, €65 for two rooms booked and €85 for three.