Operation Mindfall
Treasure hunt in Paris

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Save the world, solving a mystery alongside special agents from W.I.S.E the international branch of the Lock Academy! This treasure hunt will call on your most finely-tuned detective skills.

The world is in danger! The criminal organisation Spider Tech has successfully recreated the MK Ultra virus, infected much of the world’s population.

The virus has mind-control effects on those infected. Fortunately, the virus is dormant, but it will be activated in 1 hour 20 minutes!


  • As a team of 2 to 5 players, solve the mystery outside in the streets of Paris. Two teams can start at the same time and compete against each other: Book two consecutive slots and turn up together at the time for the 1st game slot
  • 80 minutes to infiltrate Spider Tech, find the antidote and stop the clock
  • Solve the mystery in the streets of central Paris, among some of the cities most impressive monuments
  • The keys to succeeding will be observation, communication and cooperation

Solve the mystery with the help of a GPS tablet, provided by a Lock Academy agent in a location next to our school near Châtelet – Les Halles (you will be asked for ID), your telephone and a fully stocked detective kit.

Get ready to experience a highly immersive augmented reality experience!

The “Opération Mindfall” Paris treasure hunt costs the fixed price of €90 inc.VAT per team.

Opération Mindfall is an original idea from    in partnership with

Walking 2/4
Observation 3/4
Logic 3/4
2 / 10 players
2 / 10 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women
People with hearing problems
Wheelchair users

- Your Paris Escape Room in Pictures -

Le professeur Lock de la Lock Academy - Escape Game Paris mène l' enquete dans les rues de Paris avec Operation Mindfall
La tablette tactile utilisée pour l'enquête Opération Mindfall proposée par Lock Academy - Escape Game Paris
Opération Mindfall - Chasse au trésor Paris avec Lock Academy Escape Game
Enquête insolite dans Paris Opération Mindfall - Chasse au trésor Paris avec Lock Academy

Operation Mindfall

This mystery takes place entirely outside, near the Châtelet Academy - 2 to 10 players