Revolt at Lock Academy - The Detectives’ rebellion
Escape Room Paris

Clue-hunting 3/4
Action 4/4
Logic 2/4

Revolt at Lock Academy – The Detectives’ rebellion, is a unique investigation elected Best Parisian Escape Room in 2018 for the website The Best Escape Room

Will Lock Academy, detective school in Paris, become THE new spot for the most dangerous criminals?!

It seems so: its founder, the great Professor Lock, has decided to sell his academy to his worst enemy, the criminal Jim Key! He is to the Professor Lock what Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes: a brilliant adversary with diabolical plans!

For the students, the hour for a revolt at Lock Academy has rung! Dear adventurous detectives, your mission will be to discover what this dangerous sale is hiding for the sake of the world and prevent it from happening.

In 60 minutes, this investigation worthy of Back to the Future, will transport you through different ages between retro 70s and the future, with incredible special effects! With your team of 6 players maximum, embark on a unique mind-blowing adventure!

Not suitable for people suffering from epilepsy

Enquête Révolte à la Lock Academy Paris
3 / 6 players
3 / 6 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women
People with hearing problems

Revolt at Lock Academy

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