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The Lock Academy’s gift box is ready!

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You think that one of your friends or family member could become a great detective? Your search for the perfect present is becoming a real brain teaser and you want your gift to stand out under the Christmas tree? You would like to offer an original and personalized gift? The Lock Academy’s gift box is THE ideal present!

As intriguing as it is elegant, the gift card Lock Academy contains as many mysteries as the Professor Lock’s detective school! The director of the academy invites you, after having read a confidential letter, to solve a riddle that only the most curious will be able to! With the help of a magnifying glass and black light that are in the box, you must go through a breathtaking hunt for clues. But that isn’t all! The gift card Lock Academy also contains a voucher for a session of Live Escape Game to choose between the three Escape Rooms of the Lock Academy!

Will you dare a friend or family member to fight the crime?


On our web site on the Booking page or at the Lock Academy (25 rue Coquillière – 75001 Paris)


Cost of one session + 10€

Session of 3 players: 96€ +10€ = 106€

Session of 4 players: 112€ + 10€ = 122€

Session of 5 players: 120€ + 10€ = 130€

Session of 6 players: 120€ + 10€ = 130€

More information:

The gift box for a session of Live Escape Game is valid for sixth months after the purchase date.

An extra fee of 5€ will be charged for all purchase with shipping.