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Secrets Escape Game – Virtual Tour of Lock Academy Paris

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The Lock Academy reveals its secrets Escape Game and welcomes you for a virtual tour of our two Parisian facilities! Also available on Google Maps.

Welcome to the prestigious institution founded by Professor Lock. We are delighted to let you to discover our two Parisian facilities through our virtual tours. They are located rue Coquillère in the 1st district of Paris and boulevard de Sébastopol in the 2nd district of Paris. They house many secrets Escape Game for you to discover !

Are you an Escape Room or Murder Party fan? Come  discover our thrilling scenarios set in a detective school! Explore our facility with our virtual tour and try to discover some of the many secrets Escape Game hidden at Lock Academy. 

Welcome to the backstage escape room Paris!

Lock Academy - secrets Escape Game Paris - Virtual Tour
Lock Academy – Secrets Escape Game Paris – Virtual Tour

Virtual tour of Lock Academy Châtelet

Original location of our escape room Paris, the Lock Academy Châtelet is located at 25 rue Coquillère in Paris.

From the hallway, you can access the office of the honorable Dean Doyle. The decoration of his office, hints at the personality of Dean Doyle, who was recently murdered: elegant and welcoming. A new kind of murder party Paris.

If you walk down the stairs you might be able to take a look at the tidy room of Cher, daughter of our headmaster Prof Lock. Cher has been been missing for two days, she must have left some clues that will help you find her!

A bit further down the corridor, take a sneak peak a the prestigious Museum of the Lock Academy! It contains a collection of relics that belonged to some of the famous detectives trained in our escape room Paris. Look closely to find one secrets escape game of our mysterious detective school!

The virtual tour down below gives you access to the backstage escape game of our facility

Virtual tour of Lock Academy Sébastopol – Backstage Escape Room

After a few successful years, the detective school created by Professor Lock is now highly reputable. He has decided to expand and create new mysteries for fan escape game and murder party Paris, by creating Lock Academy Sébastopol!

Professor Lock has his private quarters right next to the reception desk. He had it decorated in a charmingly retro theme, reminder of his youth in 1970s England. Look around, maybe you will notice some secrets escape game that might explain his strange behaviour lately?

The student lounge is the perfect room to relax after a hard day of studying. It is located uptairs on the first floor. Rumour has it that the rare few people who accessed the very secret archive room were seen for the last time in the student lounge. Yet another room at Lock Academy hiding mysterious secrets escape game!

If you are curious enough to go down to our basement, you will be able to take a look at the Examination room. In that room E.V.A. our brand new artificial intelligence system rules supreme

The virtual tour down below gives you access to the backstage escape game of our facility

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