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Theo Kojak détective à la Lock Academy Escape Game Paris

Theo Kojak, an elegant policeman with a shaved head but also a great lover of cigars and lollipops, conquered lovers of detective series in the 1970s. This television series featured this eminent and greedy detective, investigating in the thirteenth district of New York. By the way, did you know that it is possible to discover his famous lollipops in the museum of the Lock Academy? The Lock Academy Museum houses the relics of the greatest detectives of our time. In this regard, I invite you to a new enigma concerning these treasures, dear student!

Do you know what garment characterizes Miss Marple?

To answer this, I invite you to watch the presentation video of the Museum that Cher, Professor Lock’s daughter, made a short time ago. The answer is the key to your entry into Lock Academy. Arriving on D-Day when you return to school, let my detective assistants know the answer. Thus, the adventure will begin.

See you soon dear student, Professor Lock.