Kojak - Lock Academy Escape Game ParisTheo Kojak, elegant and shaved headed policeman but also in love with cigars and lollypops, has conquered the fans of police series in the 70s. This TV show represented this eminent detective in investigations throughout the 13th district of New York. By the way, did you know that it is possible to discover those infamous lollypops in the Museum of the Lock Academy? The Lock Academy’s museum contains the relics of the greatest detectives of our time. About that, I invite you to solve a new riddle concerning those treasures, dear student!

Do you know what clothing characterizes Miss Marple?

To answer, I invite you to watch the video presenting the Museum that Cher, daughter of the Professor Lock, has filmed recently. The answer is the key to your entry at the Lock Academy. Upon arrival on D day of your first day of class, inform my assistant-detectives of the answer. So, the adventure will begin!

See you soon dear student, Professor Lock.