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The Secrets of Lock Academy

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While nothing shows through the rooms of Lock Academy, they’re actually full of secrets, each of them more unpredictable than the one before : secret passages, movie-like special effects, powerful smart objects…

To give players the most original experience possible, the Lock Academy counted on Labsterium, a company created by two French craftsmen : Christophe (designer, creator) and Nicolas (special effects specialist, engineering).

Imagined and made to measure, the creations of these two passionates are really surprising, just like they come out of a fantastic universe.

Labsterium is a young company that worked for clients like Ubisoft, the National Monuments Centre and the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

Nicolas : Working for the Lock Academy was really unique. Its universe allowed us to be very creative, to imagine really crazy puzzles and truely immersive and interactive sets!”

Effets spéciaux des pièces de la Lock Academy par Labsterium