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Hidden experience in Paris – Pass your Detective Examination!

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Want to follow the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes? Showcase your investigation abilities? The Lock Academy top Escape Room Paris, launches its Detective Examination for all curious minds!

THE EXAMINATION – Detectives are conquering the world ! Worldwide interest for detectives and mysteries is stronger than ever. International phenomenons such as the recent Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie are just a beginning!

Opened in 2015, the Lock Academy is an ambitious Escape Game Paris were players of all ages become students in our Prestigious Detective School. Our thrilling 7 mysteries are designed as life-sized Cluedos which are full of surprises. In teams of 2 to 6 players, our apprentice detective can test their investigation skills in our rooms decorated like real movie sets.

Our brand new experience “The Examination” plunges players into an exciting science-fiction universe. In short, the objective for this mission is to successfully pass the test prepared by the ubiquitous E.V.A.. She is a brand new Artificial Intelligence and the ruthless examiner of this challenge. E.V.A. is actually known to be so ruthless that no candidate has ever made it alive!

This unique mystery at the Lock Academy provides the opportunity to live an experience as never seen before in Paris: becoming the hero of a challenge worthy of the greatest action movies. Secret passages, laser beams and carefully decorated sets “Mission Impossible” style… Adventures that will take your breath away! Friends, families and colleagues are all welcome to book now and prove they have what it takes to become the next Tom Cruise!

Dying to know what a detective examination looks like?! Check the video to find out !

Already a critical success!

This sounds fantastic! I want to know more!