Welcome to Lock Academy - Escape Game Paris

You think you have the makings of a detective? Join Lock Academy and take part in an investigation where you are the hero of the hour!

Who will be the best detective?

The Mysteries of the Academy

One game room available per mystery

A Near-Perfect Crime

(3 to 5 players)

A Near-Perfect Crime

A Near-Perfect Crime

(3 to 5 players)

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A Near-Perfect Crime

The Lock Academy is stunned. Last night Sir Doyle, dean of the school and mentor to Professor Lock, was murdered!

You have an hour to find the motive, murder weapon, and the culprit! But be careful: at the Academy, appearances can be deceiving.

For fans of: searching, logic, cluedo

Little Miss Lock

(3 to 5 players)

Little Miss Lock

Little Miss Lock

(3 to 5 players)

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Little Miss Lock

EGAThrophy 2016 & 2017 for Best Game Design (Escape Game Paris).

Professor Lock hasn’t heard from the most talented new Academy recruit: his only daughter, Cher.

As reckless as her father, she was recently investigating a mysterious plot!

By retracing her footsteps, you discover that Cher is not the only one in danger…

For fans of:
technology, manipulation, adrenaline

The Heist of the Century

(4 to 6 players)

The Heist of the Century

The Heist of the Century

(4 to 6 players)

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The Heist of the Century

Panic in the corridors of Lock Academy! The Detectives Guide, THE book which holds all the secrets of the greatest investigators in history, has been stolen!

If this encyclopaedia falls into the wrong hands, anyone could pull off the perfect crime! Only you can find it before it’s too late!

The situation is perilous: you have only 60 minutes, to find the guide, save the school’s reputation, and keep the secret of Lock Academy safe! Will you be up to the challenge?

For fans of:
No padlocks, Co-operation, Impossible Missions
Level: Experienced

This mystery is only available in French and is unfortunately not suitable for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Questions about the Academy

  • What is Lock Academy?

    Detective genius and director of the Academy, Professor Lock is off travelling around the world, solving mysteries.

    During his absence, he’s counting on you to keep Lock Academy running smoothly, and to train the detectives of tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, his enemies often take advantage of his absence to attack the Academy! Without the Professor, it will be up to you and your team to solve the mysteries that lie before you and become heroes!

  • What happens during a session?

    After booking a game session and recieving a confirmation email, we’ll be waiting for you and your team on the day and time of your booking at Lock Academy. One of Professor Lock’s assistants will welcome you to the Academy, armed with… their biggest smile!

    For your visit to the Academy, allow about 90 minutes (including your game of a duration of 60 minutes). Here is how the game timings would work for a booking at 2pm for example:

    • 2pm: Arrival of the entire team at the Lock Academy reception.
    • 2:05pm.: Presentation of the mystery by Professor Lock’s assistant.
    • 2:15pm.: Session Begins. To help, the Professor will give you clues!
    • 3:15pm: End of the mystery. Take a look back at the highlights with Professor Lock’s assistant.
    • 3:15pm: End of game session

    To fully enjoy the gaming experience, please arrive punctually at the time specified when booking (no more than 15 minutes before and please don’t be late!).

  • Who can solve the mysteries?

    Lock Academy is a game that caters for everyone: families, friends, colleagues, students, etc. The mysteries and puzzles require logic, speed or even dexterity. However, no special knowledge is required: we won’t expect you to recite Pythagorus’s Theorem, do not worry!

    The only rule, is your team must consist of 3 to 6 people for A Near-Perfect Crime and Little Miss Lock (Escape Game Awards 2016 Winner – Escape Game Paris) and 4 to 6 people for The Heist of the Century. If there are only 2 of you, some puzzles can be too difficult and, with 6/7 players, you will be cramped and not enjoying the game. We advise “expert” teams not to come with 6 players for the escape rooms Little Miss Lock and A Near-Perfect Crime.

    The mystery “An almost perfect crime” is wheelchair accessible. The mystery “The Heist of the Century” is only available in French, and unfortunately is not suitable for the deaf and hard of hearing.

  • How old do I have to be?

    The minimum age to take part at Lock Academy is 9 years old accompanied by 2 adults minimum per room or 15 years old un-accompanied. Babies and young children are not allowed.

    Why? Because our rooms and clues were conceived for adults and can be too difficult for children. With their family, children can search and parents help them understand the riddles. By themselves the children could be discouraged by the difficulty of some of our mysteries. Also, a lot of objects and mechanisms in our rooms are fragile. This is why we need parents to watch over their little ones!

  • How much does a game session cost?

    The more, the merrier… and the cheaper! When you make a reservation on the Lock Academy – Escape Game Paris website, the price per person decreases based upon the number of participants:

    • 3 players: 32 € / player
    • 4 players: 28 € / player
    • 5 players: 24 € / player
    • 6 players: 24 € / player

    For our treasure hunt, Operation Mindfall, you will pay a fixed price of 80€ for the whole team (2 to 5 players).

  • What are the different packages for Team Buildings ?

    You will find the details of our offers for companies on our dedicated page for Team Buildings.

    We offer three packages to answer your needs:

    • The “classic” reservation: we invite you to book directly on our website with our classical booking process for one room and then the other. The price range goes from 32€ to 24€ incl. VAT per person according to the number of participants.
    • The Party Pack (2h) at 40€ incl. VAT per person: you ensure yourself of a follow-up from us, the possibility to put an option on the sessions you are interested in, quotation, possibility to pay by check, transfer or credit card…and a game for each participant.
    • The Big Pack allows a privatization of 4h with the possibility to organize a cocktail. Also, each team will participate in 2 investigations. Without cocktails, the reservation costs 64€ incl. VAT per person.

    To book one of our packages, please fill in the form at the bottom of our page dedicated to Team Buildings.

    Our escape game in the heart of Paris welcomes up to 19 players at once.

  • Where is Lock Academy? When is it open?

    Crime doesn’t wait! Lock Academy is open 7 days a week, from 10 am to midnight.

    It is located at 25 rue Coquillière in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, next to the Société Générale bank and directly accross from the Crédit du Nord bank – two banks that are probably happy to be so near our detective academy!

    How to reach us:

    • Metro Châtelet – Les Halles (RER A, B and D, Metro lines 1, 4, 7 and 11) – 150m from the exit “Porte du jour”
    • Louvre-Rivoli Metro (Metro lines 1 and 7) – 350m from the station exit.
    • Velib station No. 1008 and 1024 in front of number 9, rue Coquillière
    • RATP bus (No. 85, No. 67 and No. 74) at 42 rue du Louvre
    • Underground Indigo Car-Park at 14 rue Croix des Petits Champs